The Power of Brutal Honesty


As humans we often lie.

We take a vacation to a shithole, and then talk about how AWESOME(!) it was. Perhaps we do this to justify how much money or vacation days we spent on it. Or to impress others. Or perhaps just to keep the conversation “positive"…

And of course lying is rampant on social media too. A couple months ago I took a trip through Europe (Bulgaria, Hungry, Solvakia, Austria). While I was at Madrid airport waiting to change flights, outside there was a young girl sitting on the pavement with her backpack and her rolled cigarette. She was dull, bored, sick of waiting. Time went by and the sun began to set when suddenly she came to life - she held up her phone, fixed up her hair and gave the biggest smile she'd probably given all day.

... Then as quickly as the smile came, it disappeared back to the dullness from which it arose, and she began typing into her phone - no doubt posting how much of a CRAZY wild time she was having traveling.

Another story: Later in the trip I was staying at a hostel in Budapest and met an American girl was there traveling with a friend she hadn’t seen in a few years. She spent about 20 minutes ranting to me about how fucking annoying her friend was - about all the ways she was ruining her trip and how they were’t really even friends. Fast forward a few days, and her photos popped up on my timeline with this girl with hastags like #besties! and #friendsforlife!

All degrees of bullshit. (Bullshit that we’re all guilty of, in some shape or form).

... Which brings me to my point: the "refreshing-ness" of brutal honesty.


“An Idiot Abroad” - A Refreshing Take to Traveling

Ricky Gervais put a show together called "An Idiot Abroad" where his friend Karl Pilkington visits The 7 Wonders of the World. It’s brilliant. Karl is a rare “dumb-yet-in-a-brilliant-kind-of-way” guy, and has absolutely no filter. He’s the kind of guy that just wants to be left alone, and stay home with a cup of tea, and yet thanks to Ricky is thrown into the most uncomfortable places in the world for the show.

Yet unlike all the other travel shows out there, he’s brutally honest.

He talks about the garbage lining the Great Wall of China. He points out the squatting toilets (with no doors) in India. The plastic bags floating in the wind alongside the Pyramids.

In the travel world where everything is AMAZING, he unknowingly tears down the walls of bullshit and plants the viewer in reality.

And of course it’s not all negative. He also points out the little things that most travel shows would glaze over, that truly moved him. He simply keeps it real. And it's downright refreshing.

The Growing Popularity of Authenticity

There’s a reason why podcasts like Joe Rogan’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” are becoming so popular compared to polished, traditional TV news. He’ll smoke pot and have fascinating conversations with his guests. He records live with zero edits. It’s the antidote to scripted sound bites you see on the news every night.

This is also true for other industries.

In the fashion world the market is shifting towards real models that aren’t photoshopped. There are YouTubers like “JP Sears” who are viral, for example,  because he's brutally honest about the double standards of the spirituality world in a humorous way.

In 2017 authenticity works because we are collectively growing sick of the fake nonsense. We all know the loneliness that comes even with having 2000 Facebook “friends” and followers. More and more we are craving real connections. We crave something hot-blooded and human in this digital world.

The Power of Brutal Honesty

To wrap up this post: if you’re ready for it, be more brutally honest.

— Didn’t have a good trip? Say that.
— Feeling needy or horny or desperate for attention (or any other “unsavoury” emotion you wouldn’t want the world to see)? Honor it.

I say fuck comb-overs and embrace your baldness. Fuck padded bras and embrace your small titties. Do away with your instagram filters and posturing and impressing, and instead share what's real. You’ll be surprised how much confidence this will display, and how much more people with resonate with you.

In a world where fakeness is crumbling, give us your reality.

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