F*ck Trigger Warnings: The Gift of Discomfort


People go so far these days careful not to offend anyone it actually makes me laugh. We walk on eggshells all day, and cringe at the slightest crack…

And if someone DOES get offended? Oh shit, sound the alarm.

But in a world that rushes to press MUTE on whatever irks them, I propose a completely different approach for us on the growth path: give it a microphone.

  • Invite the criticism.
  • Highlight the passages in books that make you most uncomfortable.
  • Welcome the silent treatment.

Be there with a pen and paper. Write down the things that trigger you. Lean into them.

"What is it exactly about that scene that irked me?"
"What was it about that passage in the book that made me uncomfortable?"

Inspecting and introspecting. LOOKING for things that trigger us. Treat it like homework for your growth.


  • Because when something triggers you, it’s your “STUFF.”
  • Because it’s showing you the unexamined.
  • Because it’s a path in and of itself. Towards peace. Towards your truest self.


Check out my latest video on this:

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