Sick of Following Other People’s Paths? Me Too.


This week I came across the YouTube channel “Entrepreneurs in Cars,” and watched a video where Richard talks about his start in entrepreneurism. He says (like many entrepreneurs) that he started young - cutting lawns, delivering newspapers… you know, entrepreneurial stuff - and that entrepreneurism is one of things that you’ve either got it or you don’t.

He’s probably right.

I’ve lost count of the number of employee-turned-entrepreneur’s I’ve met who took a stab at running their own business and then uncomfortably DROWNED. There’s a reason there are personality types. It wasn’t the idea or the market or whatever… it was THEM. Fact is, we’re all built different. We’re built for different roles in our “tribe,” and it’s this variation that makes everything work.

Let the Clues be Obvious...

Myself, I was sitting at the table with my girlfriend the other day, talking about past jobs, getting fired etc. I tallied up that I’ve had 8 jobs in my life, and got fired from 5 of them.

When I whip out the calculator that’s a 62% “got canned” rate. Pretty high.

Although I felt guilty about it at the time, it’s obvious now that a typical J-O-B really isn’t for me. I felt like an alien in that cubicle world, whereas being a self employed feels completely natural. (It’s interesting to see that a lot of successful business guys say the same thing, and couldn’t hold down a job even if they tried).

This is the key: Know how you are built, and HONOR it.

Don't be that guy who spends his whole life trying to pound a square block into a circular hole. Instead honor who you are, and more importantly who you’re NOT.

Tim Ferriss says the same thing. In my kindle version of his latest book “Tools of Titans” (a compilation of insights from successful guests he interviewed on his podcast over the past two years) I have the following line highlighted:

“Of course, I will help you connect these dots, but that’s less than half of the value of this book. Some of the most encouraging workarounds are found in the outliers. I want you to look for the black sheep who fit your unique idiosyncrasies. Keep an eye out for the non-traditional paths…”

Exactly - there’s isn’t a “one size fits all.”

Fuck those guys who say you have to follow their style / path / way. Carve your own path. Create your own way.  Fit things to your own style of doing things. Check out people who are successfully doing the things you want to do. It’s 2017 - there’s a laundry list of ALL kinds of people who are thriving. (E.g. Check out this crazy bastard;)

Afterall, after years of following everyone else's paths and doing everything the “right” way, the only path left is to do you.