What is your “Way”?

From every corner of the world there is a man saying his way is THE Way.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how HUSTLE is the way.
  • Robin Sharma talks about how MASTERY of your craft is the way.
  • Tim Ferriss talks about how STRATEGY is the way.
  • Tom Brown Jr. talks about immersion with NATURE is the way.

Guess what? They're all right. For them it IS their way. But is it yours?

What is a “Way?”

A "Way" is a path that allows maximum unfolding, progression and ultimate flowering as a human being. It encompasses your habits. Your focus. What time you wake up.

And this isn’t a new concept. In “The Book of Five Rings,” (circa 1645) the famous Japanese swordsman Musashi wrote:

The Way of the warrior does not include other Ways, such as Confucianism, Buddhism, certain traditions, artistic accomplishments and dancing. But even though these are not part of the Way, if you know the Way broadly you will see it in everything. Men must polish their particular Way.

Rather than being lost in life, like a leaf in the wind, it seems like the path to a powerful, extraordinary life is to DISCOVER then LIVE your unique Way.

To choose a Way, is to choose how to best spend the limited time and energy you have on this planet - for maximum growth and for maximum expansion. It's chosen based on your makeup. Your inclinations. Your unique disposition. It's the path that best fits you.

The Way of the fighter is different from the Way of the the tradesman. And the artist. The monk. The entrepreneur.

Discover Your Own Way

The biggest problem I see today is people easily influenced by charismatic leaders who sell you on the idea that their way is THE way. The result? You end up spending years doing something that isn’t really you, or feel like a loser when you can’t stick to it.

Instead? Make the empowered choice to form your own unique Way.

Here are 5 of my big ideas on how to do it:


1) Choose Your Teacher(s) Wisely

It’s no secret that marketers (and cult leaders) love young, impressionable minds. They're weak and easy to persuade to get on board. But rather than feeling like you “should” follow a particular person or path, step back and get critical.

Be curious. Experiment. Be skeptical.

From there let a path pull you in because it feels right. Choose the path that best suits you.


2) Be Led by Your Inner Compass

Let your inner intelligence guide you. Recognize when you are overdoing something. Recognize when you’re not doing enough of something. Feel when something needs to be added.

Like a compass pointing true north, let your inner compass tell you when you’re on the right path, or are deviating from it.

Let it be obvious

3) Freely Mix & Choose

For the longest time I felt guilty for not going all the way on certain teachings. I'd take only a small part, and not immerse myself in it fully. Then over time I would see another path and integrate that approach. And another.

Today I see that's the point... (for me.)

Give yourself permission to mix and match whatever combination of practices / styles / habits / perspectives that work for you. Or feel free to choose one Way and commit to it completely. Whatever feels right - own your Way.

… Because there are an infinite number of “freestyle” paths up the mountain, each with their own unique view of the landscape. That’s your life.


4) Replicate What Works For You (Even if you Hate it)

Whatever habit/practice/focus you know WORKS FOR YOU, stick with it. All too often people find something that works really well, but then drop it. They drop it because it’s challenging. Or because it's not the most fun thing in the world.

You already know what your Way is - at least part of it. So do it. Pencil that shit in.

Which leads me into the last point…

5) Recognize Resistance

The closer you get to your Way, the more resistance it’ll kick up.


The more you don’t feel like practicing (/writing/training/meditating/getting up early), the more important it is that you DO.

Sticking to your Way is overcoming your inner limitations... actually, it's the whole point.


In Conclusion: Own Your Way.

Know that there are many ways to skin a cat. Take what you need from the endless teachers out there, and uncover your unique combination and path. Own your unique style, makeup and disposition.

Own your Way.