Been Working Hard on *Inner* Growth and Nobody Even Notices? Then This Article’s For You.

The Importance of Quiet Inner Growth

Let’s face it - our society really doesn’t give a sideways fart about your growth in the inner sphere. In fact, in my experience most people can’t even SEE it.

  • A nice car vs. peace in your heart? Our culture applauds the car.
  • A good job vs. calm amidst the storm? People talk about the job.
  • Famous but an emotional mess? Don't change the channel.

Perhaps it’s because mainstream is quite shallow. After all, they say it takes a smart person to recognize a smart person - and thus an awake culture to see an awake person in it.

So the spiritual path is a thankless one. With private wins. Quiet gains. Zero fanfare and little recognition. It all seems to be part of the challenge.

But I salute you.

Honoring Inner Progress

I want to take this brief splash of words to VALUE and give RECOGNITION to the years (and focus) you've put towards advancing your interior sphere.

… Afterall, in a world that values fast Rubix cubers and human flags and other oddball niche skills, why not also bow down to those who have developed their “inner game?”

I certainly do.

And here are 3 reasons why it's worth it:

1) Your “State” is More Important Than Your “Place” in This World

Well-off Americans visit poor countries like Belize every single day only to receive a massive shock: Penniless, barefoot kids HAPPIER than them. The luxury house doesn't keep the anti-depressants at bay. The fame doesn’t stop the rockstar from killing himself.

… And they don’t seem to make us happier than that fisherman with his shack and beat up guitar.

Now I’m not shitting on making money, nor saying you must choose between money or happiness. Not at all - let’s go for both. But your inner state determines your quality of life, so it should be your priority.

Honor your decision to focus on inner growth.

2) Your Gifts Are Coming

They say your external life is a reflection of your inner state. After-all:

i) Joe Rogan has one of the biggest podcasts on the planet BECAUSE he did martial arts and psychedelics and worked on himself well before starting it.

ii) JP Sears’ videos of dry sarcastic humor around spirituality went viral BECAUSE he put years of spiritual work / coaching / introspection (and thus knows what the hell he’s talking about).

iii) Ricky Gervais’ “The Office” took off only BECAUSE he went through the mindless grind of cubicle work in order to create brilliant humor of it.

Inner work is one of best investments you can make for your career. And the more you work on your inner stuff, the more likely you're in for a pleasant surprise.


3) All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

Yes, the mainstream applause goes to artistic geniuses, but it also flows to a ton of hot stinking garbage. Think bubble TV gum shows, viral videos, nonsense etc.

Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's quality.

Just because your neighbor doesn't notice your progress doesn't mean it's is worthless. Others on the growth path DO notice. So stick to your own compass of what is quality, and forget what the world cheers for along the way.

My two cents.