Want to be the Most Confident Man in the Room? Do This.

Clint Eastwood: Confident as fuck.

Clint Eastwood: Confident as fuck.

We "growth-oriented" men spend YEARS trying to become our most confident selves.

We take on challenges. We read books. We overanalyze and undercompensate... all to rid ourselves of our hangups, self-doubts and insecurities. And this is all great - inner work we should all continue doing.

But there's a practice available to you anytime and anywhere as a man to instantly be more confident. To put it bluntly:

Fuck the room you're in.

The air you’re breathing? Fuck it. The music drifting through the air? You’re fucking that too. The barmaid cleaning beer glasses? Fuck her too.

Fuck the entire room - nothing held back.

Now, of course while nobody literally gets fucked, it's a powerful practice that actually WORKS. Why? Because were insecure from being timid and holding back. When you take on the practice of fucking the room (aka "activating your masculine sexual energy"), it reverses all that.

It's humor + owning it + receptiveness.

... AKA all the ingredients of confidence. And it's pretty shocking how fast the world responds to it.


The Practice

Firstly, nobody needs to know you're doing this practice (in fact nobody SHOULD know you're doing it).

The practice is simply this: Soften your belly. Breathe into your balls. Take on the feeling of fucking the room as you would your most intimate, trusted lover.

It’s fearlessness in motion. It’s courage in a bottle. After all, you can’t fuck and hold back at the same time. Your energy stops recoiling back into itself, and instead emits outward into every inch of the room.

You engorge in every conversation. You relish every sense. You maintain a rare openness and sense of presence. (This stuff isn't exactly politically correct, but it ain't some shallow "bro" practice either.)


Confidence From Being Your Truest Self

The result? Through this practice you show up as your truest self - perhaps more real than you ever have in public before - minus all your false insecurities and hindrances.

... After all, what is confidence beyond that?