The REAL Reason You Can’t Make Decisions

You can’t heal what you won’t reveal.
— Jay Z

One of biggest challenges we face today is indecisiveness. We don’t know what to do with our life. We second-guess ourselves and fail to pull the trigger - especially when it comes to big life decisions.

But what REALLY lies at the root of all this? Is it true that you don’t know what to do? No.

It's less that you're confused, and more that you don't trust yourself to decide.

Most people hide their own self doubt from themselves, under the cover of confusion. After-all, it's a lot easier to throw your hands up in despair and say "I don't know!" than face the painful reality that you don't trust yourself.

This is especially when it comes to making big life decisions (having kids, getting married, changing careers). We'd rather let the fates handle our big decisions than take responsibility ourselves.

Fact is, if you had rock solid trust in yourself, you’d be off the the races. Things come halting to a stop only when you started doubting yourself and you second-guess whether or not it’s the right choice:

Self-doubt breeds indecision, which in turn breeds confusion.

How to Foster Self Trust: Heal Your Past

If you find yourself scared of change - and hesitate to pull the trigger on big life decisions - it’s most likely because you were burned in your past. You made a decision and things went bad. Or as a kid you were shamed whenever you took a bold stance.

1) Go back to the times where you made a big decision and things went wrong. Question: Did things really go bad? Or did they just not go the way you wanted?

2) Question the narrative. “I’m not to be trusted with big life decisions.” << Question whether this is true. Find concrete, real world evidence where you DID make big life decisions and things turned out well.

Fact is, if self doubt lies at your root you'll never get clarity until you heal it. We must do the inner work on trusting ourselves to make strong decisions and create the life we want.

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