What to Do When Your Creativity Has Run Dry – 1 Tip to Bring It Back to Life


Today in this post I want to talk about what to do when your “creative well” has gone dry – how to turn it around, get those raw sparks of insights back, and increase your creative output into the world.


When Your Creativity Has Reached a Standstill

  • How often do you ever feel like your ideas suck or are unoriginal?
  • Do you “put your ear up” against the ether to listen, but nothing comes back?

In this situation when your creativity has come to a complete standstill, it is easy to believe that maybe you really aren’t cut out to be a writer/artist/creator… that this role is better reserved for more “creative people” than you.

This is the reason why so many people throw in the towel, and beat themselves up.

But before you go ahead and do that, I want you to know that if your “creativity well” has run dry, it has less to do with YOU, and more to do with the fact that you are simply receiving too much input.


If your “creativity well” has gone dry, it’s because you are simply consuming too much information.


How to "Ramp Up Your Creativity"? Reduce The Input

When you are constantly texting, on Facebook, receiving emails, watching TV, whatever,… you are constantly RECEIVING, RECEIVING, RECEIVING.

Your senses are being bombarded. It’s non-stop information and stimuli, and this slips you into a very RECEPTIVE state. And creativity can’t happen when you’re in that kind of receptive state

Why? Because creativity is generated from within and pushes OUT into the world. It’s a compete opposite flow of things.

  • RECEIVING: Consuming and receiving (inward direction).
  • CREATIVITY: Created and pushed outward (outward  direction)

Therefore it shouldn’t be a big surprise that when you’ve just spent the past 3-5 hours jumping between endless Instagram pics and cat videos that your creative output has come to a complete dead standstill.

Creativity is born in a vacuum. It’s found in solitude. It comes from clean work.

In other words, you must reduce the input, risk boredom, and create enough space for your natural creativity to kick back in.

  • This is why clean desks (and desktops screens) are so revitalizing.
  • This is why not checking your email in the morning is a great idea.
  • This is why meditation is so powerful.

In a world filled with people INCAPABLE of pulling themselves away from the noise and online distraction, there is an increasing value and demand for truly creative work. Give yourself the GIFT of quality solitude and large, uninterrupted blocks of time.

Do this and watch your creative engines re-ignite.