I Want My Crazy Artists To Be Offensive

crazy artists.jpg

One thing I’ve become increasingly sick of these days is the assumption that celebrities must be great, wholesome people - otherwise we shame them out of a job.

Does this mean the most talented of the world all get a “get out of jail free” card? Of course not. Send their ass to prison if they break the law, just like the rest of us.

But do I have to LIKE them as a person? Hell no - I WANT the artists to be as assholey and extreme and politically incorrect as they damn please. I’m here for their art because their art is RARE - a balanced individual doesn’t paint a Van Gogh. It takes a Van Gogh to paint a Van Gogh.

  • I want Michael Jordan’s tongue sticking out like a madman while he flies through the air in those replays.

  • I want Mel Gibson screaming violent absurdities into the telephone.

  • I want Kanye West to say he’s running for president.

The wilder the better. Why? Because what’s valuable what is BORN through that artist. THAT is what moves and uplifts us - not their day-to-day personality which none of us will see anyways.

Don’t expect them to fit into the same socially-acceptable box as the rest of us. Accept that they are cut from a different cloth - they are spinning in a different way. They are coursing with more energy (and demons) than the average dude the next cubicle over.

It needs to be said that NOT all amazing artists are train wrecks, but as Joe Rogan puts it, genius and madness are often next door neighbors. They borrow sugar from one another.

And as for “offensive”? Who cares. It’s part of the package. Great artists create something special because they are willing to live out on the edge fringes where nobody else dares to go.


Moral of the story:

— Separate the art from the artist. You can relish their art AND not want to have a beer with them.
— If you clip everyone’s wings don’t be surprised when there’s nobody left up there flying.