“I’ll Start Playing At My “A-Game” Once (Insert Perfect Scenario)”

It’s a really common mindset that we’ll start executing at our best ONCE we sort out our current shitty situation.

“Once I’m out of my current stifling, uninspiring relationship and I’m all set up in our new apartment on our own… THEN I’ll wake up at 5am every morning, eat a super healthy breakfast, meditate.”

…Once there, THEN I’ll play my “A” game. THEN I’ll bring on the discipline. THEN I’ll show up as my highest self.

But right now? No no no… things aren’t sorted yet. Everything’s mess, I gotta get everything in line and then I’ll execute. My life isn’t conducive for that in this moment.

Uhh… no. Start that awesome, positive shit now.

And I mean, I don’t care how bad it currently is or what needs to be “sorted out.” You could be being dragged through the messiest divorce that makes even the most grizzled divorce lawyer wince… still get your ass up at the 5am mark.

More bills just came in the mail that you can’t pay? Cool. We’re still doing that daily 30 minute meditation practice.

Your shitting cubicle job feels like the very pit of hell? Perfect. Keep lining things up to optimize your next step.

Bring your “A Game” to your “C” life situation. Be the bright diamond in a big, steaming pile of shit. Raise the bar when mediocrity is all around you, and pave right through it.

What will happen as a result? You’ll notice 3 things begin to happen:

  1. Those habits are more beneficial for you NOW in your bad situation, than when things are perfect. They’ll also be the fastest thing that GETS you to that “ideal” place.

  2. It’s NEVER going to be ideal. There will be no shortage of shit sandwiches that keep landing on your plate, so might as well get used to ploughing ahead despite them.

  3. You will discover just how idealistic that image in your head is - AKA just how hard it is to get those habits locked down. It won’t magically become easier on the other side, so might as well start chipping away at them now, and building up a foundation of discipline bit by bit.

So in short, stop waiting. Instead enjoy a few pushups while your house is on fire.

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