The Past is Done. Cool. Now What?

Yes, you could have taken that other path - maybe you even SHOULD have.

Yes, you fucked up *this* choice and *that* decision, but you are here now. That’s reality. You are where today you stand: Financially, career wise, partner wise, babies wise, location wise.

“Cool. Now what?”

This question comes from a healthy perspective. But it isn’t the perspective most people have, is it? Instead we tend to beat ourselves up. We give audience to people who tell us how we did it all wrong. We dwell on that time we zigged when we should have zagged. We squirm over all that money we blew on that vacation last month and now our bank account is proper fucked, and can’t pay for things.

In other words, we absolutely berate ourselves, and focus on how we should have done it different.

But I’m tired of all that because it simply isn’t helpful. The past is dust. What is done is done. Accept it and look with both eyes forward.

Fuck those articles titled “Common mistakes most people make in their twenties…” If you’re beyond your twenties, skip it. I no longer have time for people who are in the business of dishing judgement on how you did it wrong. They’re assholes. Because the past can’t be changed and nothing useful can come from that conversation - all it can do is make you feel bad.

A better way is to OWN how things went down and the choices you made - good and bad. Find peace with where you are until you regret nothing.

Life is wide open from right this moment, eyes forward. The sky is blue and the sun is shining. You have what you have, and you are who you are. Now the only question worth asking is what you can do with it moving forward?

What disasters can you transform into blessings? What rocks can be turned into gold? What can be leveraged or where could you start small… starting today?

It’s the only sane perspective take, especially in today’s world full of past-focused, judgemental pessimists.

You’re not too old and the train is right on time.


Now what?

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