I’m a writer. A seeker. I cut through people’s bullshit and bring them into the raw.

I write on areas of Spirituality, Masculinity, Solitude and Alignment for publications like The Huffington Post.

Some Interesting Facts About My Life (So Far)

  • I've traveled to 11 different countries in the last 5 years.
  • On my first day in Spain I ran with the bulls. I ran again the following year.
  • I lived in Japan for 2 years where I trained kyokushin kai karate with Japan’s national champion, climbed Mt. Fuji, went bungee jumping, swam (in my underwear) in the ocean during a lightening storm.
  • I’ve done primitive survival courses - this included killing a goat, making fire with friction and camping in the snow.
  • I’m addicted to one-way international tickets.
  • I grew up on a small island (off an island) in British Columbia, Canada. Deer were my neighbours.

… And other weird stuff.


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