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a 6-Week Audio Program to Purpose Clarity

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Invitation to join "Awaken Your Heart's Purpose"

a 6-week audio program to help you get CLARITY around what your unique purpose is.

What You'll LearN:

  • How to use your inner compass.
  • How to create raw desire & discover what love.
  • Overcome your habits of distraction.
  • How to create CLARITY.


What YoU'LL Receive:

  • Full course materials with new module emailed to you each week.
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Here's What YOU'LL FIND in Each Module




"THE greatest con in the world"

MODULE 1: The Greatest Con in the World”

How to Trust Your Heart In The Face of Strong Societal Pressures

  • Learn how you’ve been conditioned to distrust your intuition – and how to HEAR and TRUST your inner compass again.
  • Transform feelings of self-doubt into rock solid confidence around following your heart (especially when going against the mainstream).
  • Learn one powerful energetic tool to make decisions with gut-level CLARITY



“Tending Garden”


Create A Powerful FRAMEWORK to Support the Fruition of Your Highest Self

  • Develop daily rockstar habits that will bring you into full alignment with your highest Self (and keep you there!).
  • Kill the procrastinating "one day" myth, and start eating, exercising and breathing as your most inspirational version of yourself - starting today!
  • Cultivate massive self-care, clean positive habits and a huge boost in self-confidence to naturally align with your highest calling.



"Transforming Your Habits"

MODULE 3A: Transforming Your Habits of Distraction to Drive Raw Passions

  • Uncover your unique forms of distraction and displacement, and use them to UNLOCK deeper levels of raw passion.
  • Let go of 3 distracting habits that are holding you back from living your deepest purpose.
  • Learn a simple secret to turn unmotivated emptiness into roaring passion, and get fully in touch with your root desire.



“Taking The Rocket Up”

MODULE 3B: “Taking The Rocket Up” To Higher Levels of Excitement, Intensity and Frequency - In Yourself and Your Work

  • Experience twice as much excitement, intensity and pure positive energy by learning how to raise your frequency.
  • Create powerful, high impact work that commands attention by transferring/transmuting your core energies into your work.
  • Gain a more powerful physical presence: power in your glance, and weight in your voice, by raising your body’s overall conductivity, radiance and frequency.



Boost your Emotional Intelligence

MODULE 4: Boost your Emotional Intelligence To Transform Stress Into Ease Around Work and Finances

  • Experience doubled feelings of peace, ease and relief around money and boldly living your unique truth.
  • Learn how to transform emotional blockage into clarity.
  • Learn to open as each emotion more fully, bringing richness and expansiveness to your life and more power to your gifts!




MODULE 5: Reclaiming Your Power

Cultivating Confidence and Credence Around Your Uniquely Unfolding Life

  • Experience noticeably more confidence and self-reliance in your own growth, decisions and overall direction.
  • Become twice as likely to seek (and find!) answers to your problems from your own self wisdom.
  • Experience less and less disappointment, regret and dissatisfaction with your past through renewed respect and credence for your uniquely unfolding life.



""Let It Rip"

MODULE 6A: "Let It Rip" Into Your Fullest, Wildest Expression

  • Replace fear, inhibition and holding back in your life with boldly expressing it all - through effective moment-to-moment practices and techniques.

  • Double your willingness and ability to fully open up and express all parts of yourself to the world, including your unique gifts
  • Experience heightened integrity in your words and actions, by expressing what's truly alive in you and living your truth.



"Awakening Your Purpose Into All Other Areas of Your Life

MODULE 6B: Awakening Your Purpose Into All Other Areas of Your Life

  • Resolve internal conflict over choosing between multiple passions by expanding your vision to include them ALL.
  • Enhance and deepen your purpose by extending it beyond career into other core areas of your life.
  • Gain greater ease around your most difficult life struggles by understanding (and appreciating!) their vital role in your life.

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“How to Make Knowing Your Purpose Inevitable”

  • Uncover your unique forms of distraction and displacement, and use them to UNLOCK deeper levels of raw passion.
  • Let go of 3 distracting habits that are holding you back from living your deepest purpose.
  • Learn a step-by-step action plan towards waking up each and every morning feeling 100% ON PURPOSE

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“I had a major breakthrough during one of the modules, which completely changed the way I viewed myself, the projects I was working on, and pretty much EVERYTHING in my life. I have a clear direction and am able to trust my vision and the direction that I’m taking. Thank you!”

- Amy Cope



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